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Financial Planning


We take a comprehensive approach to financial planning. By doing so, you will get a customized plan that addresses all aspects of your financial life. From estate planning, income taxes, risk management and investment management to retirement, education, asset protection and charitable planning, it’s all covered.


With that said, there are myriad unique situations that can arise over a lifetime and you can’t always plan for everything. Having seen that happen to others, we include it in our planning process. So, you are covered for that too. 



We believe that advice is personal. The more we understand about you, the better advice we can provide. This is especially true when it comes to investment management because we know your dreams, priorities and objectives aren’t like anyone else’s. This understanding guides us in everything we do on your behalf.


Customized investment portfolio design and management is a core offering. Many of our clients have read Rick's book, Investing 3.0: What the Creators of Index Funds Discovered and How to Profit from It, and seek us out specifically for our investment expertise.



We provide income tax services to individuals, corporations, estates, trusts, limited liability companies, and partnerships. Our process is efficient. It provides safeguards, checking for potential problems the IRS may look for. It helps find deductions and credits that you qualify for. It serves as a means for you to receive fully informed advice on certain tax issues affecting the current & future returns. 


In addition to the preparation of income tax returns, we position our team to provide the best advanced planning service available which truly meets your needs in ways unsurpassed by any other firm.

Risk Management


We take a comprehensive approach to risk management. By doing so, you will enjoy a customized risk management plan that provides an overview of your risk exposures and a framework for your family to have maximum coverage while managing your risk and the cost of coverage.


We help our clients prepare a Personal Risk Management Plan, which protects your assets and safeguards your legacy.  You will gain peace of mind knowing that you have the protection you need when you are guided by our experienced insurance professionals, helping you identify and mitigate your potential risk factors.

Trust & Estate Counseling


Our role as the family’s advisors enables us to coordinate all members of our client’s advisory team to tailor the most appropriate and tax-effective plan for asset management, exit strategy, business succession, family philanthropy, and the transfer of wealth to subsequent generations. 

We help our clients to successfully navigate the complexities of state and federal legal and tax issues by advising them on all aspects of their estate planning, including individual and business tax matters, choice of business entity, business succession planning, retirement benefit planning, and insurance and real estate matters. 

Estate Planning


The essential components of an estate plan are wills, trusts, and related administrative documents. Trusts can be either modest or complex, depending on the amount of your assets and desired outcome. Without a trust, your estate may be subject to an expensive, drawn out, public display in probate court.


We can draft wills, trusts, and the related administrative documents, such as limited and durable power of attorney or advanced health care directives. We can assist with trust or estate administration and can represent you in either trust or estate litigation. 

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