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Peninsula Family Office is the innovative leader in client care services.
​Established to help trusted advisors, be it attorneys, CPAs, or other highly valued professionals, better serve their clients by collaboratively selecting a team of professionally aligned advisors who are coordinated through a single point of contact.

Our 7-step, same-side-of-the-table advisor selection process enables you to collaborate with your trusted advisor while you select the top specialists in each you need to have addressed. Different from the common practice of getting three names that you have to call and interview on your own, we support the entire process including

  1. making the initial contact,

  2. sending questionnaires,

  3. evaluating and reviewing their responses with you to help you select which ones to interview, then

  4. scheduling the interviews,

  5. helping you develop interview questions

  6. assist with the interviews

  7. helping you evaluate the specialists and identify the one who best meets your needs.

And that's just the beginning. To make your life a little easier, we initiate, manage and coordinate the professional management team to deliver an integrated array of services tailored to the clients needs. Delivery of the services will be arranged to maintain your position as the trusted advisor.

  • Financial Planning

  • Investment Planning & Management

  • Income Tax Planning & Return Preparation

  • Risk Management Assessment & Mitigation

  • Legacy Planning

  • and more ...

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